What People Are Saying About Our Products


Love love love this. It’s a hard hitting and super relaxing high. Will buy again!


Phenomenal! Wonderful taste and excellent relaxing high. Would definitely reorder


Really good weed, strong hitter, when you open a nug wow the THC that you can see is amazin very potent


Finally!! I can’t remember the last time I smoked where my eyes got heavy and felt like I was high. I was actually stoned! Not to mention it’s it’s been one of the only strains where I actually didn’t feel my back pain for a little while. The name is fitting. This is good shit!!!!


Great weed


5 stars is not enough for this product definitely romulan dominant the smell when you crack that jar is out of this world and she tastes just like she smells very smooth burn and the buzz is great


Very nice smoke quality your lungs wont want to exhale lol would be interesting to see if they do this with more strains


I’m going to be honest, I stopped ordering flower from herbal d because I feel like other dispensaries offer more potent and quality product. This product is the first time i’ve felt like I bought a “quad” from here. Those nose is insane and the flower is coated in crystal. A little on the wet side but the taste and burn is still very good and clean. If herbal d was able to offer flower of this standard more often then I would could see myself buying from here again.


Wow…the smell was awesome….tastes great…a nice treat…


Very happy with this product!!! Amazing smell and taste. Joints smoke for ever.


It’s perfect. Please, please, please release more runs with the jars. Thank you, Golden Spruce!


This is some fire they need to have more flower packaged like this so the trichs in the buds stay intact awesome bud excellent packaging cheers