We Are British Columbia’s West Coast

Golden Spruce wants to bring back true B.C bud. We represent a community of B.C farmers who have played a key role in giving B.C bud legendary status.
Each farmer has their unique growing techniques while sharing key principles. Every batch of flower is flushed and cured to Golden Spruce standards. No chemicals, just pure cannabis flower. 

We hope you enjoy some the best of what B.C has to offer.

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Ladies & Gentlemen the Kootenay Cultivar Animal Face cut. 🔥
Pretty excited to be working with the KC team and representing living soil grown fire. Bred by Seed Junky’s and grown by a couple of legends. 4.5% Terps with Myrcene leading the bouquet. Nicely done 🙏🏻.

#livingsoil #goldenspruce

A little highlight of things to come. The channel has been dormant for five years. Finally have things to talk about again. Salty Pink, Animal Face, Mint Chocolate Chip are some of the first quad cultivars in the mix. Curated from farmers that deserve all the recognition. Looking forward to brining the Golden Spruce fam back to life. ❤️ cheers to this incredibly diverse plant. 🙏🏻 #pinkkush #mintchocolatechip #animalface #420

This is In memory of a dear friend who always wanted to run naked through a field of cannabis. Rest in peace Alexy. You pushed me out of my comfort zone. 🙏🏻
#outdoorweed #outdoorcannabis #outdoor420 #vancouver4202023 #organiccannabis

Tiny hand 🖐️ passing the joint @shambhala_mf so simple so clever 😄 #420

ADVENTURES in NUGS over the years. ❤️

Adventures in cannabis. New chapter for Golden Spruce. 🙏🏻
Leading with our old school half ounce tuna tins filled with super fresh & ultra premium flower from our community of farmers.
Starting with @sweetgrass_cannabis_official Organic Crunch Berries, Mint Chocolate Chip and Mendo Stomper. Let’s go.

#goldenspruce #goldensprucecannabis #pnw #pnwlife #canoe #outdoors

Stoked to say my brand Golden Spruce Cannabis is now officially in the legal market. 🤘🏻
It’s been a long road but here we are.
The goal is to represent the best of the best farmers and curate the finest Canadian cannabis on the market. I’m proud to say you can pick yourself up a TRUE ORGANIC QUAD half ounce sealed in a old school tuna tin! Available on line at Herbal Dispatch or at select dispensary’s.
This first round is certified organic by my good friends @sweetgrass_cannabis_official 👌🏻
We are having a little party today at the Amsterdam Cafe to celebrate all the farmers who made it so far. Starts at 3pm
@hubbz on the decks starting around 6!
I’ll be there representing Golden Spruce & Golden Spruce Media. Hope to see you there. Let’s do this.

Purple bouquet & cocktails for the win.

Indigenous leaders, celebrities and scientists are coming together to demand urgent action to protect the last old growth forests in British Columbia. 

Join Grand Chief Stewart Phillip, Victor Peter, @markruffalo, @therealmargaretatwood, David Suzuki, @paulstamets, @melina_miyowapan, @khelsilem, @drsuzannesimard, @natboltt, @natkelley, @serindaswan, @realadrianhough, @tzeporahberman, Brendan Taylor and so many more (!)

Support 3 ACTIONS BELOW ⬇️⬇️⬇️
to help in protecting our ancient relatives 💚🌳🙏🏽

Less than 1% of forests in B.C. still have big, old growth trees.

Every day that passes without Premier Horgan and Minister Conroy deferring logging in at-risk old growth forests results in irreplaceable losses to these ancient, critical ecosystems.

The time is now to protect the last old growth forests in British Columbia. Not in three years, not in three months. Today – right now.

What can you do?

* 1 * Watch and share this video!

* 2 * Sign the petition @stand.earth to call on the BC government led by @johnhorgan4bc , @KatrineConroy and the @bcndp to protect these ancient giants!

* 3 * GO TO “Fairy Creek Blockade” @fairycreekblockade

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Sativa Sunday 🇨🇦.
The classic and energetic Oregon Golden Goat.

This sativa-dominant hybrid is worth its weight in gold. Oregon Golden Goat (Lemon Haze X Zelly's Gift X Flo). Energy and focus with a little buddy buzz is what this lady is known for. Terpy citrus with a little spice. She’s a beauty 👌🏻🇨🇦.

Purple purple, more purple. Mandarine Cookies grown in soil teaming with life 👌🏻Sativa Dom 😎
Legal Craft is here. Please follow @sweetgrass_cannabis_official 🔥
Captured by @macrodose_photography 🙏🏻.

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The craft is coming into the new market and we are super pumped for @sweetgrass_cannabis_official to lead the way with pure certified organic 🔥.
Give them a follow, we can wait to show you what they are growing. ❤️
Photo by @naasko_wripple 👌🏻

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